Our earbuds range in price from $ .25 to .80 each depending on style, quantity, and packaging.  Our earbuds can be supplied in our standard colors (black, silver, white) or custom produced with volumes.  Rubber tips, foam tips, and no earpads are available.



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About Us

For more than thirty years, InflightDirect has worked closely with our factory partners to continue to be the best supplier for our customers looking for these disposable earbuds and headphones.  We are a business partner, a trusted provider of these disposable earbuds and headphones and the most experienced supplier in the industry. We guarantee, fast and friendly service, and incredible sourcing capabilities. 

Our mission is to listen to our customer specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and operational excellence.   We are available 24/7/365.  Send us a fax, email, or call us for pricing and samples.

Earbuds and Headphones

The warehouses on both coasts of the US are always stocked with all items and we can package the cases as needed.  Call us at 401-714-4190, fax 401-336-2440, email sales@InflightDirect.com

Our headphones are offered with the foam or soft vinyl earpieces.  Many of them swivel and are very comfortable for long or short periods of use.  The cost range from $ .35-$ 2.50 each.

Many companies that provide these items to customers do not understand the complete production process.  At InflightDirect, we have been producing them for 30 ears including the earpads, speakers, wires, and pins.

Disposable earbuds & headphones for use in hotel fitness centers and more


We have been providing a large variety of customers such as hotel fitness centers, schools, libraries, motor coaches, healthcare facilities, gyms, distributors, museums, and many other industries with the disposable earbuds and headphones for almost 30 years.  Our low cost products are all sold factory direct to ensure our customers get the best pricing available.  And, with our warehouses on both coasts of the US, we always maintain a large inventory of products in large volumes.

InflightDirect is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the products we manufacture to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you. 


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Our disposable earbuds and headphones are a perfect choice !!  Why pay more !

Disposable earbuds & earphones to meet every customers budget. 


Whether you are looking for a one time use or long term headphones, we have the models perfectly suited for your patients, students, guests, or passengers.  Our models are proven styles that have been well received by our customers and cost effective. 


Our headphones range in cost from $ .35 each to $ 2.50 each and we also have the ANC models for those customers looking or high end uses.  We can provide these in full or partial case quantities

We truly appreciate your business !!!!

We can release shipments monthly, weekly, or based on a preset schedule.  This way you do not need to be concerned about running out of product.  Leave it to us to manage these disposable earbuds so you can focus on more important tasks.  This is our business !

Why choose InflightDirect ?

  • Cost  - Our factory direct costs will provide the most competitive available. If you have price targets, feel free to share them.  Our flexibility has made us one of the easiest companies to be your partner .
  • Reliability - All of our products are proven to be reliable.  Any products that are proven to be unreliable, can be returned for full credit.
  • Quality - our disposable earbuds are ideally suited for workouts, computer training, and many other uses.
  • Service - we ship the same day orders are placed.  We are also always available to answer any questions you may have 24/7/365

The InflightDirect business model allows for us to maintain the lowest costs directly from our factories.


Our production facilities have been manufacturing these disposable earbuds and headphones for the past 30 years and add so much for guests workouts, childrens computer learning, computer training, museum tours, long motor coach rides,  and so many other applications.


Don't hesitate to contact us to beat your current pricing or to see what new models we have available. 


We appreciate our customers new requests, large or small ...

Earbuds & Headphones


Quality, inexpensive, durable models that have flexible headbands, rotating earpieces, replacement foam earpads and various cord lengths

Various styles that range from $ .35-$.59

Send us an email and we'll get right back to you.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.  You will NOT be disappointed !

With almost 30 years of experience, we will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

A wealth of knowledge in the design, production, and distribution of these disposable earbuds and headphones

We will beat any US or Canadian competitors price !!!

Tel: 401-714-4190

Fax: 401-336-2440


Email:  sales@InflightDirect.com